Young people take to camera to talk about what it means to be jabbed

A group of young people have taken to camera to talk about what it means to have the Covid-19 vaccine, encouraging others like them to have theirs too.

Featuring in a short video, the group individually share their personal reasons for getting vaccinated which includes being able to see their grandparents and loved ones again without feeling that they’re putting them at risk; returning to some form of normality; looking forward to attending festivals, concerts and events; travelling; and generally knowing that they have done their very best to protect themselves and others around them.

The video, which will be shared by social media and other platforms, can be viewed here

Anyone aged 18 and over can now book to get jabbed to protect themselves, their friends and their family.

Last month, over a million appointments were booked by people in their 20s in just one day of the programme being opened to all 25-29 year olds.

There are many ways in which people can go ahead and book their first or second jab.

Click here to find a walk-in service near you. Alternatively, you can book your vaccination appointments on-line via, selecting the relevant Coronavirus (COVID 19) tab, or by calling 119.